If you have any questions about this schedule, call Robert Standley at 417-2747.  Also Check the GGC Forums for up to date information under Announcements.

    • Match setup begins by 8:00 am
    • Registration will be from 8:00 am until 9:15 am
    • There will be a MANDATORY shooter's meeting at 9:15 for ALL shooters. It is not optional. If you do not attend the shooter's meeting, you do not shoot the match.
    • Matches begin at 9:30.
    • Match results will always be posted on this web site. If you want a copy mailed or emailed you must let the match director know.
    • It is our opinion that a match is not complete until the scores have been posted since part of what a shooter pays for is to see his finishing position in the match. We do our best to have scores posted on the same day of the match, but sometimes circumstances prevent that from happening. We hope you will understand when that happens.
    • Posted scores will include the names of all competitors in the match. If you do not want your name included on the scores you must let us know before the match begins.
    • We occasionally take photos or videos of stages or matches and post them on the web site. If you object to having your photograph posted, let us know before the match begins.
    • Matches will be dependent on the weather. Light rain, light snow, etc. will not stop us. Heavy rain or heavy snow will stop the match because it becomes a safety factor (mud and snow are slippery!). If there is any question about the weather, check this web page for match cancellations. Cancellations will be noted here by 6:30am on the morning of the match.
    • For further information call Robert Standley at 417-2747.
    On IDPA match days the rifle range is CLOSED from sunrise until the match is complete!

    Match Date Match Type Notes
    January 14, 2017 Freestyle Pistol plus PCC Match Complete - Click Here For Scores
    February 11, 2017 New IDPA Classifier Cliek here for scores:
    Match Results Part 1
    Match Results Part 2
    The Gallatin Gun Club range will close permanently on April 14, 2017 so these will be the final two matches at this range.  We will be constructing a new range though so this is not the end of Gallatin Gun Club.

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