GGC holds pistol matches on a monthly basis that, except for "Specialty" matches, adhere to IDPA rules and regulations.  If you would like more information about IDPA in general the IDPA web site has a complete listing of virtually everything you could want to know about IDPA.  Additionally, our webmaster has a page on his site that goes in to a bit more details of some of the aspects of IDPA competition, what you will need, and what to expect.

GGC pistol matches are held on a COLD RANGE!  This means that your gun is NEVER loaded until you are on the firing line preparing to shoot a stage and the Safety Officer has instructed you to load your gun.  Having a loaded gun at any other time will result in disqualification from the match.  Additionally, the range itself is on Federal property so even if you have a handgun carry permit it is NOT valid once you enter the facility.  Make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that your guns are unloaded prior to entering the facility or you may come to regret not doing so.

GGC holds IDPA matches on the second Saturday of each month.  The Upcoming IDPA Matches page always has a complete listing of the specific dates for our matches.  There will be a "Shooters Meeting" at 8:45am and all shooters in the match are REQUIRED to attend.  The safety instructions and other information specific to the match will be discussed at the meeting.  If you do not attend the shooters meeting, you do not shoot the match, it is that simple.  The match itself will begin at 9:00am.

We will normally have at least three stages of fire, sometimes more.  We have three bays to use for the matches and we will normally have something in each bay.  We try to design the stages so that the match will have a round count of 75 to 100 rounds but this will vary from month to month.  We normally use a "Shotgun" start as opposed to assigning shooters to squads.  Using squads is more convenient for the match personnel but using a "Shotgun" start is more convenient for the shooters since the shooter can pick the order in which he shoots the match.  This will be covered in the shooter meeting.

We expect the shooters to help paste targets, reset reactive targets, and pick up brass.  The Safety Officers for the stage cannot be expected to do everything, and the shooters are expected to help.  When you are not shooting a stage pitch in and do your part.  The next shooter will not be run until everything is ready, so the faster we get the targets pasted and reset and the brass picked up the faster the match will move.  Instead of sitting in the shade grumbling about how long it is taking to get to shoot, perhaps your time could be better spent doing your part to speed the match up. If you want to know more about what is involved in a match and why we need your help click This Link.

Our matches, liks most clubs, are in some ways dependant on the weather.  Light rain, light snow, etc. will not stop us from shooting however heavy rain or heavy snow will stop the match because it becomes a safety factor (mud and snow are slippery!).  If there is any question about the weather, check the web page for match postponements.  Cancellations will be noted by 6:30am on the morning of the match.  We have a covered firing line for the rifle range, so in some cases we move back to there and come up with something that is interesting that can be shot from under cover.  If there is any way possible we will hold a scheduled match and not cancel it.

Unlike most other clubs we cannot postpone a match until the following day or weekend.  Our pistol bays are near the end of the rifle range so the rifle shooters cannot shoot when we are holding pistol matches.  Rather than inconvenience the rifle shooters any further by trying to close the range for another day, our matches are not postponed they are canceled.  A "Special" match, such as a Home Protection or Polite Society match, may be effectively postponed until the folowing month but the matches are specifically limited to the second Saturday of the month.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our scores are virtually always posted on the web site the same day the match is held.  We recognize the fact that part of what a shooter pays a match fee for is to see his finishing position in the match, and we do our absolute best to have the match scores posted in a timely manner.

Our scores always show the names of all shooters in the match.  If you do not want your name shown on the scores please let us know before the match begins.  We can just as easily give your scores an ambiguous name such as "Shooter 33" but we have to know that you don't want your name shown.  Also, there is occasionally someone taking pictures of the match and from time to time we put some of those images on the web site.  If you do not want your picture shown we need to know in advance and not afterwards.

Occasionally we will have a match that is not IDPA-standard, and these will be noted on the Upcoming Matches page well in advance.  These will normally be matches that are similar to IDPA in most respects, yet different enough to be interesting.  For example on June 8, 2002 we held a "Home Protection" match.  IDPA rules were adhered to in many respects, however the targets were different and the manner in which the shooter ran the stage was different. 

We try to get the shooters involved in the content of the matches.  In July, 2002 we held a "Shooters Choice" match.  The web site had a list of about 24 stages and the shooters "voted" for the stages they wanted for the match.  We are always open to ideas from the shooters, and welcome your input.  If you have an idea for a stage or a match please let us know.  The comment, "Well, I don't know how to set up a stage" doesn't matter.  We'll help with setting them up but it is sometimes difficult to come up with fresh ideas for the stages so we are always open to ideas from the shooters.

Next, we want your comments about our matches.  We listen to what the shooters say, good or bad, and we want that input.  If you have a complaint we want to hear it; if we did something right we want to hear that as well.  If you have an idea for a match or for a stage let us know.  There is an email link at the bottom of this page so if you have something to say please feel free to use it.  If you want your comments to be anonymous use the "Guestbook" link since that form does not require any personal information.  A match without shooters isn't much of a match, so if you have a problem let us know first and we'll try to take care of the problem.

Finally, a word of thanks.  Every time we hold a match we have volunteers doing all of the work and it is very much appreciated.  Putting on a match is a lot of work; design the stages, set the stages up, run the stages, score the shooters, pick up brass, clean up the range, tear down the stages, compile the scores, etc.  When we start setting up the stages there are always people who come early and pitch in.  When we start tearing things down there are always people who stay late and help out.  During the match there are always people who write down the scores, paste targets, give the SO's a break, and otherwise help out.  We could not hold these matches without your help, and even though we don't say it often enough, we very much appreciate the asistance.  The names aren't listed here because someone would accidently get left out, but you guys know who you are and we thank you sincerely.

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